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Mighty challenge for whoever wins election for US presidency
29 October 2012 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
On Tuesday next week, Americans go to the polls. Their decision as to whom they elect as president of the United States will have ramifications well beyond their shores. America is still the ...
Remarkable leader who turned the tide
15 October 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
In a week where Australian politics was debauched by false allegations of sexism and misogyny, an important milestone was passed.Last Wednesday was the anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's famous address to the Conservative conference at Brighton ...
Chase for UN votes a study in hypocrisy
15 October 2012 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
This Thursday in New York, representatives from 193 nations will vote to select 10 countries to join the UN Security Council. Australia is competing against Finland and Luxembourg for two spots. If successful, we ...
Roxon’s slip on Slipper is cause for concern
11 October 2012 , The West Australian , Frydenberg, J
The revelation that Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon briefed the Commonwealth’s barrister in the sexual harassment case involving former Speaker Peter Slipper is a major cause for concern. Worse still, it comes after a series ...
Menzies still guiding light for our country and party
8 October 2012 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J. and Kemp, D.
In 1978 more than 100,000 Victorians lined the streets. They were not there to attend a grand final parade or see a visiting head of state. As the funeral procession passed, they came to ...
Ties with PNG too crucial to be neglected
1 October 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Julia Gillard was in New York last week on a much hyped UN Security Council campaign.   Multilateralism is the dominant theme. But, closer to home, key bilateral relationships have been left to ...
We can play a winning hand with US, China
21 September 2012 , The Age , Frydenberg, J
Pax Americana is no more. The rise of China has created a new global order. It is now a G2 comprising the United States and China, the two largest economies and militaries in the world. ...
Trade deal with India would secure future
11 September 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Australia's decision to make its relationship with India a key focus of the government's Asian Century white paper is a move that is long overdue. When it comes to capitalising on the opportunities presented by ...
It's time for Julia Gillard to get down to business with China
7 September 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
This week I returned from China. As I travelled between Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Jiangxi I could not help but be astounded at the scale and speed of China's economic miracle.   Despite ...
Shale gas offers energy security
2 August 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Nearly 40 years after the global oil crisis of 1973-74, another energy shock has hit. Fortunately, this time it's not some despot from the OPEC cartel holding America and its allies to ransom.Rather, the revolution ...
Twenty years on, US ties as strong as ever
16 July 2012 , The Australian , Schieffer, T and Frydenberg J
Leaders from Canberra and the US will gather in Washington this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue. This bipartisan group reminds us that Australia's most important bilateral economic and ...
Greens' Orwellian private school policy is 'like Latham on steroids'
10 July 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
With the carbon tax locked away, don't expect the Greens to go quiet. Labor's latest manoeuvring to distance themselves from the Greens does little to obscure the fact that the Greens and Labor have ...
Honouring The Victims Of The 1972 Munich Attacks
27 June 2012 , The Drum , Frydenberg, J
In 31 days' time we celebrate the Games of the 30th Olympiad in London. Two weeks of intense competition and interstate rivalry is sure to provide a lifetime of memories and, in many cases, ...
Child Care: Balancing Quality And Cost
15 June 2012 , The Drum , Tudge, A and Frydenberg, J
The Prime Minister's emergency forum on childcare affordability last week was a last-minute attempt to get the politics, not the policy, right. Julia Gillard may be concerned about the 11 per cent increase in ...
The Road To A Free Damascus
7 June 2012 , The Australian Jewish News , Frydenberg, J
Less than two years ago, one man’s protest against police corruption in Tunisia sparked the Arab Spring, a wave of change that has dramatically and irrevocably transformed the Middle East.  With the departure of ...
The Price Of Debt Is Too Heavy To Bear
21 May 2012 , The Drum , Frydenberg, J
What do you think it would cost to buy Australia's biggest supermarket chain, biggest gas producer and biggest shopping centre owner?   Answer around $80 billion.   Throw in one of ...
Why Hapless Stephen Smith Is Defenceless In Job
18 April 2012 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
Yesterday in the Herald Sun, Ian McPhedran wrote an important article detailing the Government's decision to bring our Diggers home early from Afghanistan. While our contribution in Afghanistan represents Australia's most significant and challenging ...
Carr's Key Task Is To Forge An Asia Agenda
19 March 2012 , The Age , Frydenebrg, J
Only days into the job, Australia's new Foreign Minister is creating headlines and not for the right reasons. Bob Carr's unveiled threat to isolate Papua New Guinea was a knee-jerk response to a complex issue, namely ...
If Carr Doesn't Know Where We're Going, He Will Get Us Nowhere
9 March 2012 , The Australian , Frydenebrg, J
Bob Carr's elevation to foreign minister has received a warm welcome. His experience and erudition is seen as a stark contrast to the alternatives on offer.But Carr's foreign policy views are going to cause Labor ...
Liberals portray past leaders to build the future
13 February 2012 , The Australian , Brandis, G and Frydenberg, J
In order to know where you are going you have to know where you come from. As Thomas Carlyle wrote: "The whole past is the procession of the present." The Liberal Party and ...


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