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Resources industry still powering the economy
17 February 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Resources is to the Australian economy what the baggy green is to Australian sport: totemic; iconic; indispensable to our national story and synonymous with our national identity. But frankly it goes beyond that. The ...
National facility offers great local opportunity
5 February 2016 , Frydenberg, J,
The six locations identified by the Government last November as possible sites for a new National Radioactive Waste Management Facility were selected following a nomination process that saw 28 sites voluntarily put forward by land ...
Billion dollar plans to boost our northern exposure
29 January 2016 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
Unlocking the potential of northern Australia is a national, bipartisan and long-term endeavour. Covering those parts of Queensland and Western Australia above the Tropic of Capricorn and all of the Northern Territory, Northern Australia represents ...
Rod Laver: the left-handed legend with the right stuff
18 January 2016 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
Today the stars of world tennis will kick off the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of 2016. Will Novak Djokovic continue his domination at Melbourne Park and win his sixth Australian title or will ...
Tapping resources of resilience to see the country through trough
16 January 2016 , The Weekend Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
The global energy and resources sector is under enormous strain. The Australian Index of Bulk Commodities Prices has fallen more than 20 per cent in the past 12 months. Oil has gone from a peak of ...
Letter to the Editor
2 January 2016 , Progress Leader , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Dear Editor, Beverley McIntyre protests that the Australian government continues to export coal to India as a means of lifting millions of people out of poverty ('Reps out of touch' Progress Leader, Dec 22). ...
Paris attacks: Islamic State’s evil barbarity must be tackled head on
19 November 2015 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
It started on the plane. Touching down at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday, I looked around the cabin at many empty seats — seats that would otherwise have been filled but for the horrendous ...
Nuclear waste site closer
13 November 2015 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
Today the government is announci­ng six potential sites to store low-level and intermed­iate radioactive nuclear waste in Australia. There were 28 nominations in total. Three of the successfully nominated sites are in South Australia, with ...
The West shows the way for the nation
7 November 2015 , The Weekend West , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
People will travel a long way to see a West Australian sunset. The brilliant yellows and reds are not easily forgotten. This week I saw brilliant yellows and reds of a different kind, having spent five days travelling ...
Time is ripe to transform the sparse north into a tropical powerhouse
6 November 2015 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
A showcase of multi-billion-dollar projects, designed to unlock northern Australia’s huge potential, will be displayed to some of the world’s major investors in Darwin this weekend. The Northern Australia Investment Forum that ...
Threat to our good society
30 September 2015 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J.
Democratic capitalism is the surest means to creating a good society. This idea, though, has been challenged in recent times by intellectuals such as Thomas Piketty, events such as the global financial crisis and the ...
Letter to the Editor
3 September 2015 , Progress Leader , Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
It was disappointing to read Marg D’Arcy’s partisan polemic on the important issue of homelessness (Conversations, Progress Leader, September 1). Rather than putting forward any constructive and positive options for reform, she simply engaged in ...
The Government’s probe to stop wine industry tax kickbacks
21 August 2015 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
The Australian wine industry is one of the nation's great success stories. With more than 2000 wineries across multiple states, the sector employs around 30,000 people directly and thousands more indirectly. It generates nearly ...
Alby Schultz: A meatworker, politician and man of the people
18 July 2015 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J and Taylor, A
Margaret Thatcher famously claimed, “I am not a consensus politician. I’m a conviction politician.” Few Australian politicians have earned this label recently, but former member for Hume Alby Schultz wore conviction on his sleeve.  Alby, who ...
Super funds will work better with independent voices on board
26 June 2015 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
Today the government is announcing a series of reforms that will strengthen governance, accountability and transparency in Australia's $2 trillion superannuation sector. The measures follow through on our election commitments and follow a superannuation ...
Why we need to wind back Gillard's damaging legislation on company tax disclosure
16 June 2015 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
In 2013 the Gillard government passed a piece of damaging legislation that was opposed by the then Coalition but largely escaped the public’s view. It requires the Australian Taxation Office to publish the total ...
Asian economies hungry for enhanced solutions
10 June 2015 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
With a burgeoning middle class set to reach more than 3 billion people by 2030 Asia has an enormous demand for sophisticated financial services. Banking, insurance and wealth management are among the areas of most need.  Australia ...
30 May 2015 , The Spectator , Frydenberg, J
There was a big story last week. It involved ministers, the media and the long arm of the law. Coverage was global as the public awaited news of the protagonists’ fate. No, it wasn’t the budget ...
Anti-avoidance measures add up to step change
18 May 2015 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
This year's budget includes a number of new integrity measures announced by the Treasurer which will strengthen the Australian Taxation Office's ability to tackle multinational tax avoidance. It builds on the Coalition's recent legislative ...
Make no mistake, Budget is great news for Victoria
14 May 2015 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
This year’s Budget will strengthen Australia’s economic future and is particularly good news for Victoria.It brings in a series of new measures to boost jobs, productivity and growth, and continues the Government’s record spending on ...


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