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We Remain at the Forefront of the Fight for Whale Conservation
31 October 2016 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Whenever I speak to students about the work we are doing to protect the environment the one topic that elicits a robust discussion is that of whales. Young people simply cannot understand why these ...
Breakthrough in keeping lights on
10 October 2016 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
It was back in 1990 that Margaret Thatcher said: “The danger of global warming is yet unseen but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices.” This made her the first world leader to ...
Clean power needs co-operation not windy promises
4 October 2016 , Australian Financial Review
The COAG Energy Council, comprising state and territory energy ministers, will meet on Friday.  Top of the agenda will be South Australia's state-wide blackout, its causes and consequences.  Already there are two reviews underway.  The first is by the Australian ...
The public expects nothing less than energy security
30 September 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg J
The total loss on Wednesday of South Australia’s electricity supply was a seismic event.People were stuck in lifts, there was chaos on the roads and residents were huddled around candles while they were confined to ...
Demands grow of an energy market in steady flux
19 August 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
The national energy market is undergoing structural change. In 2004, coal represented more than 75 per cent of national electricity generation, and in 2014-15 it was about 60 per cent. In 2004, renewables were just over ...
Time to Reform Australia's Gas Market
26 April 2016 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
The Australian gas market is undergoing significant structural change. Remarkably, just a decade ago low levels of production and exploration saw plans advanced to import gas from Papua New Guinea. Wind the clock forward to ...
Letter to the Editor
29 March 2016 , Progress Leader , Frydenberg, J,
Dear Editor, It’s a pity that once again a partisan diatribe filled with falsehoods has made its way to the Letters page (Marg D’Arcy, 22/3/16). Contrary to Ms D’Arcy’s assertion, it’s the ...
Nothing but joy in singing the Blues
24 March 2016 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
As we head into the first AFL game of the season, with the Blues playing the Tigers, I’ve been reflecting on my first memories of the great Carlton Football Club. It was the ...
Gorgon LNG facility just the beginning of a golden age in gas
15 March 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Yesterday, I attended the Gorgon LNG facility at Barrow Island off the coast of Western Australia. This plant is scheduled to make its first shipment this week, a significant milestone, considering that at a cost ...
Competitive drive will help weather oil slump
29 February 2016 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
The oil and gas industry is under sustained pressure. Prices have come down from $140 a barrel in 2008 to about $30 today. Company balance sheets have been hit and major oil-producing countries have had their ...
Resources industry still powering the economy
17 February 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Resources is to the Australian economy what the baggy green is to Australian sport: totemic; iconic; indispensable to our national story and synonymous with our national identity. But frankly it goes beyond that. The ...
National facility offers great local opportunity
5 February 2016 , Frydenberg, J,
The six locations identified by the Government last November as possible sites for a new National Radioactive Waste Management Facility were selected following a nomination process that saw 28 sites voluntarily put forward by land ...
Billion dollar plans to boost our northern exposure
29 January 2016 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
Unlocking the potential of northern Australia is a national, bipartisan and long-term endeavour. Covering those parts of Queensland and Western Australia above the Tropic of Capricorn and all of the Northern Territory, Northern Australia represents ...
Rod Laver: the left-handed legend with the right stuff
18 January 2016 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
Today the stars of world tennis will kick off the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of 2016. Will Novak Djokovic continue his domination at Melbourne Park and win his sixth Australian title or will ...
Tapping resources of resilience to see the country through trough
16 January 2016 , The Weekend Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
The global energy and resources sector is under enormous strain. The Australian Index of Bulk Commodities Prices has fallen more than 20 per cent in the past 12 months. Oil has gone from a peak of ...
Letter to the Editor
2 January 2016 , Progress Leader , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Dear Editor, Beverley McIntyre protests that the Australian government continues to export coal to India as a means of lifting millions of people out of poverty ('Reps out of touch' Progress Leader, Dec 22). ...
Paris attacks: Islamic State’s evil barbarity must be tackled head on
19 November 2015 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
It started on the plane. Touching down at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday, I looked around the cabin at many empty seats — seats that would otherwise have been filled but for the horrendous ...
Nuclear waste site closer
13 November 2015 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
Today the government is announci­ng six potential sites to store low-level and intermed­iate radioactive nuclear waste in Australia. There were 28 nominations in total. Three of the successfully nominated sites are in South Australia, with ...
The West shows the way for the nation
7 November 2015 , The Weekend West , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
People will travel a long way to see a West Australian sunset. The brilliant yellows and reds are not easily forgotten. This week I saw brilliant yellows and reds of a different kind, having spent five days travelling ...
Time is ripe to transform the sparse north into a tropical powerhouse
6 November 2015 , The Australian , The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
A showcase of multi-billion-dollar projects, designed to unlock northern Australia’s huge potential, will be displayed to some of the world’s major investors in Darwin this weekend. The Northern Australia Investment Forum that ...


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