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Food waste a serious environmental problem
12 April 2017 , The Australian
In the environment and energy portfolio, issues such as the gas crisis, South Australia’s blackout and bleaching events across the Great Barrier Reef have grabbed the headlines.Another environmental issue that may not be as prominent ...
The ACCC review is trying to get a better deal for electricity consumers
28 March 2017 , Australian Financial Review
The ACCC review is trying to get a better deal for electricity consumers The price of electricity is the product of a complex equation. Generation, transmission, distribution, retail and renewable energy schemes all play their ...
Labor refuses to face up to its gas problem
16 March 2017 , Herald Sun
VICTORIANS rely on gas more than any other state. It provides energy for heating and cooking in more than 80 per cent of Victorian households, underpins many of the 300,000 jobs in Victoria’s manufacturing sector ...
The State of the Environment Report shows progress made but much work to do
7 March 2017 , The Guardian
First established in 1996 and occurring every five years, the Government of the day releases a State of the Environment Report. It is prepared by independent authors and provides a report card across ...
Embarrassed Labor lost as state grinds to a half
13 February 2017 , The Australian
The Labor Party has misled the Australian people. Following the blackout last Wednesday in South Australia, the fourth in as many months, Labor has made four excuses for why the latest outage occurred. None ...
It’s time Labor came clean on cost of renewables
20 January 2017 , The Australian
Opposition climate change spokesman Mark Butler hit the airwaves this week as part of a campaign to alleviate the public’s growing concerns about Labor’s energy policy.But despite endless opportunities to do so, he would not ...
The states' charge into renewables brings policy chaos
19 January 2017 , Australian Financial Review
Energy policy in Australia is an amalgam of state and federal responsibilities.State governments have historically owned the generation, distribution, transmission and retail assets with the Commonwealth only since the late 1990s, with the creation of ...
States must unlock gas reserves to help lower prices
12 January 2017 , The Australian
Just before Christmas I met a delegation of food manufacturers who had operations across regional Australia.Between them, they employed almost 10,000 workers and they included some of the biggest names from the dairy, vegetable and ...
Letter to the Editor - Preserving the Great Barrier Reef
12 December 2016 , New York Times
The Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder of the world. Stretching about 1,400 miles long, it is larger in size than Italy. The Australian government recognizes the significant environmental challenges faced by the reef and ...
Smooth flow of power to the people
2 December 2016 , Australian Financial Review
Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg bounds out of his office to greet the AFR Weekend and we walk up to the Members' Dining Room at Parliament House for lunch.With the last parliamentary sitting week for ...
Bill "two bob each way" Shorten must come clean n green power
28 November 2016 , The Australian
Bill Shorten says “I’m not some rampant greenie who thinks there’s no place for fossil fuels in our energy mix”. But beware the one who protests too much. The truth is somewhat different. ...
Letter to the Editor
15 November 2016 , Progress Leader , Josh Frydenberg
Ian Hundley writes ("Show us buyer data", Progress Leader, 8 November 2016) that there is a need for more “accurate data of purchases of residences by foreigners”.  It has to be said since coming to ...
Closure means we'll focus on three key areas
4 November 2016 , Herald Sun
The decision by Engie and Mitsui to close the Hazelwood Power Station by the end of March 2017 has been foreshadowed for some time. But now that Hazelwood’s owners have decided to close the plant, ...
Reef is a jewel in our crown and we strive to protect it
1 November 2016 , Courier Mail
A Natural wonder of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s prized possessions. Creating more than 70,000 full time jobs and stretching 2300km along the coastline from Gladstone to Cape York, the ...
Taking on the Green lawfare warriors to avoid another Carmichael case
1 November 2016
In 1974, Gough Whitlam's minister for the environment and predecessor to Bill Shorten in the seat of Maribyrnong, Dr Moss Cass, rose in the House of Representatives.His task that day was to introduce new environmental ...
We Remain at the Forefront of the Fight for Whale Conservation
31 October 2016 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Whenever I speak to students about the work we are doing to protect the environment the one topic that elicits a robust discussion is that of whales. Young people simply cannot understand why these ...
Breakthrough in keeping lights on
10 October 2016 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
It was back in 1990 that Margaret Thatcher said: “The danger of global warming is yet unseen but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices.” This made her the first world leader to ...
Clean power needs co-operation not windy promises
4 October 2016 , Australian Financial Review
The COAG Energy Council, comprising state and territory energy ministers, will meet on Friday.  Top of the agenda will be South Australia's state-wide blackout, its causes and consequences.  Already there are two reviews underway.  The first is by the Australian ...
The public expects nothing less than energy security
30 September 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg J
The total loss on Wednesday of South Australia’s electricity supply was a seismic event.People were stuck in lifts, there was chaos on the roads and residents were huddled around candles while they were confined to ...
Demands grow of an energy market in steady flux
19 August 2016 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
The national energy market is undergoing structural change. In 2004, coal represented more than 75 per cent of national electricity generation, and in 2014-15 it was about 60 per cent. In 2004, renewables were just over ...


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