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Government excels on carbon action
1 January 2018 , The Hobart Mercury , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
In his latest polemic against the Turnbull Government Peter Boyer overlooks significant action the Government is taking to reduce carbon emissions both at home and abroad (Talking Point, December 27).Emissions are now the lowest on ...
Let's keep the lights on
30 December 2017 , The Daily Telegraph , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Australian energy and climate policy over the past decade has not been pretty.The fact that this summer South Australia and Victoria have installed expensive, ­polluting diesel generators that guzzle up to 80,000 litres an hour, ...
The Australian hero whose feats deserve more recognition
26 December 2017 , The Daily Telegraph , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Ask an Australian kid to name a national hero and a sporting star, actor or musician is more likely to roll off the tongue.But there is one man whose name should be near the top ...
Australia is an over-achiever in cutting carbon emissions
19 December 2017 , The Australian Financial Review , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Today, the Turnbull government released new carbon emissions data for the June quarter and updated emission projections out to 2030. The message is a positive one. Emissions fell in the quarter by 0.6 per cent, ...
Cheaper, cleaner, reliable energy within our grasp
22 November 2017 , The Australian
The national energy guarantee modelling results are a revelation. Reliability is up, emissions are down and the savings to household electricity bills are higher than initially expected by the Energy Security Board.Conducted by Frontier Economics, ...
Big role to play as world fights climate change
17 November 2017 , The Mercury , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
This week, representatives of nearly 200 countries gathered in Bonn, Germany, for COP23, the major climate change conference of the year.While the corridors were filled with talk of the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from ...
Costs can come down while the lights stay on
18 October 2017 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
The National Energy Guarantee represents a significant breakthrough. It combines reliability and emissions reduction in a single mechanism and does so in a way that uses the market to drive power prices lower. It builds ...
Energy policy barbecue-stopper requires a multi-faceted plan
9 October 2017 , The Australian Financial Review , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Complex energy policy is no longer an academic issue fought out between regulators and big energy companies but rather a barbecue-stopper, with everyone looking for answers.This is because Australia's electricity prices have risen sharply and ...
We are going to fix the gas problem
27 September 2017 , The Australian Financial Review , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
This week's reports by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) into Australia's gas market makes for pretty grim reading. Stories of short supply, high prices and unfavourable ...
Shorten's seven deadly sins equal an energy crisis
4 September 2017 , The Daily Telegraph , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
The Labor Party used to pride itself as the champion of the blue-collar worker. But today Labor’s climate policies leave it a mere shadow of its former self. Bill Shorten protests saying “I’m not some ...
We’re reforming the energy markets with ideas, not ideology
21 August 2017 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
There is a revolution under way in energy markets. Driven by rapid changes in technology, it is disrupting business practices in the same way the iPhone displaced landlines and the digital camera made film redundant.Renewables ...
Power to the people at last: energy summit heralds lower bills
9 August 2017 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
When you open your power bill, it’s not hard to be confused. There are facts, figures and diagrams about your electricity usage, past and present, and kilowatt-hours, dollars and percentages.There are details about your greenhouse ...
Clean air and cars can be a much healthier mix
4 August 2017 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
With more than 18 million registered motor vehicles on the road and almost 1.2 million new vehicles sold each year, the family car is for most people their principal mode of transport.Of course, the purchase ...
Serious about renewables
25 July 2017 , Progress Leader
It may be an inconvenient truth for some but the Turnbull Government has overseen record levels of investment in renewables (“Is Australia doing enough to help the environment?”, Conversations, Progress Leader, 18 July). In ...
Marine park plan a win for all
25 July 2017 , The West Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
The Commonwealth Director of National Parks has released draft plans to establish a world-class management program across 44 marine parks. Covering more than 3.3 million sqkm, an area bigger than the size of India, the ...
COAG Energy Council turned around the Australian energy ship
17 July 2017 , The Australian Financial Review , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Last Friday's COAG Energy Council meeting in Brisbane will be remembered – in the words of the Australian Energy Market Operator's chairman Tony Marxsen – as "the one where the energy ship turned around". The ...
Power to ease energy crisis rests with the states
10 July 2017 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Federal, state and territory energy ministers meet this week in Brisbane under the auspices of the Council of Australian Governments’ Energy Council.This meeting comes at a critical time for the Australian energy market following the ...
Lady Anna Cowen's My Vice-Regal Life: diary of a true partner in public life
7 July 2017 , The Australian , The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
The inscription to Zelman Cowen’s autobiography A Public Life says it all: “To Anne”. He knew that for all he achieved in public life, none of it would have been possible without the support of ...
Power to the people who need a fairer deal
1 June 2017 , Daily Telegraph, Sydney
MORE than seven million people in NSW and the ACT could see their electricity bills increase by more than $100 a year. It is the result of an obscure, little known process called Limited Merits Review (LMR).  ...
We cannot hit the Paris target without carbon capture and storage
31 May 2017 , Australian Financial Review
In 2011 there was a political fix. The Greens would support legislation establishing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation in return for Labor agreeing to explicit provisions in the Act preventing the CEFC from funding "prohibited technology" defined as ...


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