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Greens' Orwellian private school policy is 'like Latham on steroids'
10 July 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
With the carbon tax locked away, don't expect the Greens to go quiet. Labor's latest manoeuvring to distance themselves from the Greens does little to obscure the fact that the Greens and Labor have ...
Honouring The Victims Of The 1972 Munich Attacks
27 June 2012 , The Drum , Frydenberg, J
In 31 days' time we celebrate the Games of the 30th Olympiad in London. Two weeks of intense competition and interstate rivalry is sure to provide a lifetime of memories and, in many cases, ...
Child Care: Balancing Quality And Cost
15 June 2012 , The Drum , Tudge, A and Frydenberg, J
The Prime Minister's emergency forum on childcare affordability last week was a last-minute attempt to get the politics, not the policy, right. Julia Gillard may be concerned about the 11 per cent increase in ...
The Road To A Free Damascus
7 June 2012 , The Australian Jewish News , Frydenberg, J
Less than two years ago, one man’s protest against police corruption in Tunisia sparked the Arab Spring, a wave of change that has dramatically and irrevocably transformed the Middle East.  With the departure of ...
The Price Of Debt Is Too Heavy To Bear
21 May 2012 , The Drum , Frydenberg, J
What do you think it would cost to buy Australia's biggest supermarket chain, biggest gas producer and biggest shopping centre owner?   Answer around $80 billion.   Throw in one of ...
Why Hapless Stephen Smith Is Defenceless In Job
18 April 2012 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
Yesterday in the Herald Sun, Ian McPhedran wrote an important article detailing the Government's decision to bring our Diggers home early from Afghanistan. While our contribution in Afghanistan represents Australia's most significant and challenging ...
Carr's Key Task Is To Forge An Asia Agenda
19 March 2012 , The Age , Frydenebrg, J
Only days into the job, Australia's new Foreign Minister is creating headlines and not for the right reasons. Bob Carr's unveiled threat to isolate Papua New Guinea was a knee-jerk response to a complex issue, namely ...
If Carr Doesn't Know Where We're Going, He Will Get Us Nowhere
9 March 2012 , The Australian , Frydenebrg, J
Bob Carr's elevation to foreign minister has received a warm welcome. His experience and erudition is seen as a stark contrast to the alternatives on offer.But Carr's foreign policy views are going to cause Labor ...
Liberals portray past leaders to build the future
13 February 2012 , The Australian , Brandis, G and Frydenberg, J
In order to know where you are going you have to know where you come from. As Thomas Carlyle wrote: "The whole past is the procession of the present." The Liberal Party and ...
The Dictatorship On Our Doorstep Edging Out Of The Shadows
10 February 2012 , The Age , Frydenberg, J
Change is reversible, but the signs of reform in Burma are heartening. Five thousand kilometres to our north, a country that is home to nearly 60 million people, an army of 400,000 men and south-east Asia's ...
Victims Of The Holocaust Deserve Our Remembrance
27 January 2012 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
On November 1, 2005, the UN general assembly resolved that each year January 27 would be designated Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date was significant. It was on this day in 1945 that the largest concentration ...
Coalition Picks Its Path From Menzies' Road Map
31 December 2011 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
We are all familiar with the saying: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Nowhere is this more applicable than in the field of politics. On August 29, 1946, at the Camberwell Town Hall ...
Private Man of Integrity
12 December 2011 , The Australia , Frydenberg, J
Zelman Cowen was a giant of a man. His record of achievement as a legal scholar, educator and public intellectual has few parallels in Australian life. As our nation's 19th governor-general he set a ...
It's Time To Spell Out The Ties That Bind
17 November 2011 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
Barack Obama's speech to the Australian Parliament today can be more than a symbolic gesture. This will require a profound statement about the United States' willingness to lead in the face of domestic constraints, a ...
Indonesia Trade An Opportunity For The Taking
4 November 2011 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
THE fourth most populous nation, the third biggest democracy, our second nearest neighbour and the world's largest Muslim country - Indonesia is by any account a giant. But despite its success in developing into ...
Foreign Posturing Merely A Springboard to Minister’s Own Goal
24 October 2011 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
THE drums of war are beating. Kevin Rudd's re-emergence is nigh. It is now abundantly clear that every move Rudd has made as Foreign Minister over the past 12 months has been cynically calculated to ...
Race For The White House
8 September 2011 , Liberal Magazine , Frydenberg, J
Next year on November 6 all eyes will turn to the United States. In a result that will have an impact far beyond American shores, voters will decide on the membership of the 113th Congress ...
Wise To Invest In A Wealth Fund
29 August 2011 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
IT was Mark Twain who said "I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one". It is a warning the Gillard government would do well to heed. On the ...
Pocket dynamo offers dynamic partnership
1 August 2011 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
When Australian prime ministers and foreign ministers are asked to name their four most important relationships, they inevitably cite the US, Indonesia, China and Japan.  It is a list with which one cannot argue. The tenor ...
How Gillard Could Be A Leader That Liberals Like
29 July 2011 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
"We had proclaimed 1999 as the 'year of delivery' -- a phrase that somewhat came back to haunt us." Sound familiar?  These are the words of former British prime minister Tony Blair in his autobiography ...


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