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Kevin Rudd’s character and credibility gap
28 April 2010 , The Punch , Frydenberg, J.
  Bob Hawke once asked the rhetorical question “Do you know why I have credibility? Because I don’t exude morality.” Wind the clock forward twenty years and Labor’s successor, Kevin Rudd cannot make a similar claim. The ...
Rudd's foreign policy made on the run - and it's showing
17 November 2009 , The Age - National Times , Frydenberg, J.
When Kevin Rudd came to power, hopes were high with regard to foreign policy. A Mandarin-speaking diplomat who promised to deepen Australia's relationships in the region and who modestly offered to act as an interlocutor ...
Sensible fiscal policy needed despite RBA's response
12 December 2008 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J. and Macfarlane, JT.
THE Reserve Bank is doing its job. It has responded quickly and effectively to a global financial storm. Large, successive interest rate cuts have reduced the burden on borrowers. Introduction of a deposit guarantee, despite criticism, ...
Don't panic. Power is not too far away
12 December 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
There are plenty of policy pluses for the Liberal Party to build on in the next few years. IN 1994, former Liberal senator and shadow minister Christopher Puplick published a provocative book titled Is the Party ...
Aping US security model will not work
14 November 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
Kevin Rudd's policy to create a department of homeland security is trying to fix something that isn't broken. ONE of America's greatest failings in the past decade was the response of its Department of Homeland ...
Howard's inspired indigenous vision
31 October 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
Australia has a Government prepared to do anything necessary to end tragedies. AUSTRALIA stands tall among the nations of the world. Our buoyant economy deserves to be the envy of the industrialised world, our robust ...
Costello will be a wonderful PM
17 October 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
The Treasurer's broad interests and economic abilities will serve Australia well. KEVIN Rudd loathed Mark Latham. Latham's knee-jerk anti-Americanism and hostility towards big business was the antithesis of the image Rudd seeks to portray. But ...
Regional pressure can change Burma
3 October 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
Australia can play a leading role in the Asia-Pacific region to encourage democracy. HAVING been detained by the Burmese military regime for more than 11 of the past 18 years, Nobel peace prize winner Aung ...
A past victory has lessons for the present
18 September 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
Harry Truman's win against the odds in the 1948 US poll bodes well for Howard IT WAS once famously said by American founding father Benjamin Franklin that the only two certainties in this world were ...
Innovation is the key to our future
5 September 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
Governments must aid the development of new ideas and products. WHAT do the wine cask, the bionic ear and the flight recorder all have in common? They are part of the memorable list of great ...
Australia needs US regional help
22 August 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
On a wide variety of issues, the region cannot cast off its ties with America. IT IS said that good relationships take time and great relationships take work. It is with this motto in mind ...
Rudd's attempt to hijack Menzies legacy doomed
30 April 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
Labor leader Kevin Rudd cannot have it both ways. He can't accuse the Prime Minister of being stuck in the past, as he did at the weekend's ALP national conference, and, when convenient, use Liberal founder ...
The world will pay a heavy price if Iran gets nuclear weapons
11 April 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
The West, Russia and China do not want a Middle East arms race. SHEIKH Taj al-Din al-Hilali's visit to Tehran, where he paid homage to the world's most dangerous regime, is truly reprehensible. He and ...
Bush has to tackle global warming, now
2 February 2007 , The Age , Frydenberg, J.
The President is under increasing pressure from his supporters. PRESIDENT Bush is playing catch-up. His warning in last week's State of the Union address about the "serious challenge of global climate change" and his commitment ...
University focus builds stage for economic innovation
16 January 2007 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J. and Davis, G.
Under Arnold Schwarzenegger's leadership, California is providing lessons for Australia's future on technology, education and stem cell research, suggest Glyn Davis and Joshua Frydenberg CALIFORNIA believes it is inventing the future. Manufacturing will always gravitate to ...
Nothing foreign in this policy
6 March 2006 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J. and Hunt, G.
IN the afterglow of its celebrations of a decade in office, a key question emerges for the Howard Government. What have been the key policies, events and structures that have shaped the way Australia has ...
Bush in last-chance saloon
31 January 2006 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J.
PRESIDENT George W. Bush will speak to a television audience to rival the Oscars when he appears before a joint sitting of the US Congress tonight to deliver his State of the Union address. Ever ...
Yes, Ms President?
5 January 2006 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J.
CONDOLEEZZA Rice, who is coming to Australia next week, is described as "the rock star of American politics". The woman who stood beside President George Bush as National Security Adviser in the dark days following ...
PM sits at the top table
16 December 2005 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J. and Hunt, G.
AUSTRALIA'S participation in this week's inaugural East Asian Summit was a triumph for Australian diplomacy and a reflection of the deep relationships we have built with our neighbours. Our involvement in this new 16-nation grouping ...
Multi-ethnic coalition the next test for Iraqi democracy
12 December 2005 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J. and al-Moumin, M.
The future of a country and the stability of a region are at stake with this week's election, say Joshua Frydenberg and Mishkat al-Moumin THIS week's election is the most important moment in the brief ...


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