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Download Text  Buildings and precincts to go carbon neutral
9 October 2017
The Turnbull Government today launched the National Carbon Offset Standard for buildings and precincts, expanding a successful voluntary program which has allowed organisations, products and services to become carbon neutral through reducing and offsetting their ...
Download Text  Release of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority governance review
5 October 2017
The Turnbull Government has released a report outlining governance recommendations to further strengthen the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority which manages and protects our iconic natural asset.The report offers 24 recommendations that aim to ...
Download Text  SS Macumba to be declared historic shipwreck
5 October 2017
The Turnbull Government today welcomed the discovery of the wreck of SS Macumba, sunk during the Second World War by Japanese air attack in the Arafura Sea north-east of Darwin.Minister for the Environment and Energy, ...
Download Text  Second life for electric car batteries
4 October 2017
The Turnbull Government, through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, is investing up to $750,000 in a Melbourne start-up which takes used batteries from electric vehicles and repurposes them for household energy storage.The start-up, Relectrify, has ...
Download Text  Australia's new icebreaker name providing students with the trip of a lifetime
29 September 2017
Twelve school students are set to become the first children to fly to and set foot on Antarctica as part of the Australian Antarctic Program, following their win in the Turnbull Government’s national “Name our ...
Download Text  Development of concentrated solar demonstration project in Victoria
28 September 2017
The Turnbull Government, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), is providing $4.8 million in support to Victorian company RayGen to scale-up a 0.5MW concentrated solar photovoltaic (PV) demonstration project and expand the export opportunities ...
Download Text  Promising results from saltwater pumped hydro energy storage study
27 September 2017
A seawater pumped hydro project in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf could generate 225 megawatt (MW) of electricity, an initial feasibility study released by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has found.The study represents an important ...
Download Text  Government delivers more than $1 billion under the National Landcare Program
27 September 2017
The Coalition Government is continuing its longstanding commitment to natural resource management, investing more than $1 billion for phase two of the National Landcare Program, which will be delivered from July 2017 to June 2023 ...
Download Text  Blackout Bill's cover up over Labor power price lie
21 September 2017
Bill Shorten should order his MPs to remove from social media false claims that electricity prices have increased by $1,000 after he “retreated” from the figure today while omitting from his official transcript what he ...
Download Text  More potential pumped hydro storage sites identified
21 September 2017
Over 18,000 sites across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory have been identified as possible locations for pumped hydro energy storage.The sites have been identified as part of work being carried ...
Download Text  Balwyn North gets a Community Men's Shed
18 September 2017
North Balwyn Community Men’s Shed – a place for men to come together and share activities and common interests – launched today, thanks to the support of City of Boroondara, the Rotary Club of North ...
Download Text  Giant sea snails join the fight to protect the Reef
18 September 2017
In our efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef and building on the $27.4 million investment to support the direct management of crown-of-thorns starfish, the Turnbull Government is now turning to the starfish’s natural predator ...
Download Text  Labor caught out in big power lie
14 September 2017
The Australian public’s concern about rising energy prices is genuine, but Bill Shorten’s is not.  He has deliberately misled the Australian people yet again, much as the Labor Party did with ‘Mediscare’.Today, the House of ...
Download Text  Reducing pressure on housing affordability for Kooyong
12 September 2017
The Turnbull Government has welcomed the introduction of legislation into Parliament to reduce pressure on housing affordability for first home buyers and downsizers, including in our local area of Kooyong.The First Home Super Saver Scheme ...
Download Text  Kooyong preschoolers get head start in STEM
12 September 2017
Preschoolers in Kooyong will be amongst the first in Australia to be introduced to science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) through a new series of fun, play-based apps.Carey Grammar ELC Kew and Minifie Park Early ...
Download Text  Regulator to examine NSW generators to ensure consumers get a fair deal
11 September 2017
The Turnbull Government has asked the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to examine the bidding practices of New South Wales (NSW) generators to ensure consumers aren’t getting ripped off.The request comes on the back of reports ...
Download Text  Heritage protection for our early colonial history
10 September 2017
The Minister for the Environment and Energy and Federal Member for Cook today announced the inclusion of Kamay Botany Bay: Botanical collections sites in the National Heritage List. It will be the 112th place added ...
Download Text  Shorten kicks energy security "down the track"
9 September 2017
Bill Shorten and the Labor Party have again shown that they do not take Australia’s energy security seriously.When asked whether he would support keeping coal-fired power stations open in light of projected electricity supply shortfalls ...
Download Text  Labor wastes time and stalls energy bill savings
7 September 2017
Bill Shorten has today stalled legislation that will save billions of dollars on energy bills for Australian consumers by referring the abolition of the Limited Merits Review (LMR) process to a Senate Committee.When in Government, ...
Download Text  Release of review of the Bureau of Meteorology's Automatic Weather Stations
7 September 2017
The Bureau of Meteorology’s review into Automatic Weather Stations has been completed. It was conducted with the assistance of three independent external experts.The review was commissioned after equipment at two locations, Thredbo and Goulburn, failed ...


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